War on Drugs Essay

War on Drugs has also started interfering in other country’s affairs in order to curb the supply of opiates. This in turn has caused a global misbalance which in turn is responsible for the worsening situation of drug abuse, as lower-priced, substandard suppliers of drugs have sprout up in southern America. This War on Drugs essay explores the impact and efficacy of the War on Drugs, shedding light on the complexities and controversies surrounding this ongoing battle.The author is thus arguing the vanity of controlling drugs which is an additional cost on the exchequer with the opportunity cost arising from the process, being much higher than the investment. (Bennett 3)

War on Drugs Essay

The flip side of the coin in this regard, as argued by (Wilson 21), is that the legalization of drugs can prove to be very tough on society. Arguing on the basic premise of (Friedman 1) who says that the dealers are the ones who induct new people to sell better, (Wilson 23) effectively argues to point out that the dealers are not looking for new recruits.

In fact, they are wary of new customers as they may be law enforcers in disguise, out to catch them. Instead, the people who actually encourage new people to try out are friends or peers who have tried drugs and compel others in their social circles to try it.

In saying this, he refutes the basic foundation of the (Friedman 2) argument because if drugs were legalized, it would place no bar on anybody trying them, there would be new people introduced to drugs who would, in turn, introduce more of their friends and family into the system and this in turn would translate into an epidemic, as was the case in Great Britain in the 1960’s.

The drug dealers too would be under no pressure not to market drugs to new people and would also have no fear of punishment.

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