Social Interaction

Social interaction is the basis of the complete social order. Interaction is basically the foundation of all social processes. Interaction is a social process between two or more than two persons. Interaction is always reciprocal in nature because it is always responded to due to the stimulus-response condition among individuals. For every action, there is a reaction; likewise, for every interaction, there is a response. It is a process that stimulates the overt state of mind of an individual.

Man is a social animal, he cannot survive without adequate social interaction, and therefore, social interaction has great importance among societies. It strengthens the bond between different people and motivates people of a particular society to live by forming a symbiotic relationship with each other.

Social Interaction

Society is not a mere collection of different people. People in a particular society are inter-twined in social interaction. Different people of a particular society interact with each other by means of their economic, political, religious, educational, or marital interests.

These forms of interactions create an unending chain of interactions and every single interaction is reciprocal in nature. Every interaction is based on communication. In one way, it is a reaction to a particular social situation, and in the other way, it is the influence upon the environment.

Interaction is the most elementary process in the formation of social processes in a society. The social process, associate and dissociative, both give shape to various group behaviors as the product of social interaction. Interaction binds two individuals in a bond that motivates social behavior.

One single interaction between two individuals triggers a different social behavior among them.  The change in social conditions is like a chemical process that produces new substances. In social interaction, the interacting individuals also experience changes in attitudes, ideas, feelings, emotions, etc. Hence, the study of social interaction in sociology leads us to the study of all social processes of a particular society.

Different Interacting Groups

Different interacting groups emerge in a society. These groups vary in their beliefs. Some groups are conforming while others are non-conforming. Based on their beliefs, these groups develop as constructive or destructive agents of society.

The ultimate interaction reflects the national values of a society. Social and national values are subject to change due to the conflict and disagreement of a large number of people with the existing values. Hence, one type of interaction in a particular group is likely to affect the general social values.

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