Human Resource Management Research Paper

Human Resource Management Research Paper – HRM entails the organizational approach to the various issues that touch on its human capital aspect. Business strategies, on the other hand, are the operational policies, which are geared towards achieving predetermined objectives. Logically, the business strategy aspect is dependent on the HRM status; therefore, organizational leaders should consider exhaustive HRM concerns to build internal competitiveness. This research paper assesses Ford Motors’ internal situation to brainstorm various ways to align the human capital aspect with the existing business strategies.

Human Resource Management Research Paper

HR strategy overlaps with the business strategy in certain vital areas, including talent acquisition, performance management, compensation and benefits, and training and development, among other areas. Therefore, an alignment process ought to commence with an audit of the above-listed HR aspects (Vahlne & Jonsson, 2017).

Principally, it is imperative for the HR department to liaise closely with critical business leaders to determine the appropriate human capital mix and other HR parameters to optimize the various business objectives (Marchington, 2015).

Also, the HR department should collaborate with the business-level leaders to drive change management processes in the organization. The collaboration equips the HR leaders with the right information and motivation tools to align the human capital with the existing business strategy.  

HR job positions

Position: Power Conversion Devices Engineer

This is an engineering management position, requiring the candidate to lead the power conversion device design and delivery for the planned development of electric vehicles. Primarily, the person should possess an appropriate professional qualification in electrical and electronics engineering (Marchington, 2015). An ideal candidate would also possess advanced soft skills in areas that include critical thinking, self-starter, and interpersonal skills.

Position: Connected Vehicle Systems Engineer

The position requires an engineering leader to liaise with the various multidisciplinary teams to increase the utilization of the company’s existing capital. The role holder will be tasked with the responsibility of aligning the Connected Vehicles Systems department with the dependent sections (Marchington, 2015).

Therefore, besides possessing adequate knowledge in connected vehicle systems, the person should have a basic knowledge of architecture, in-vehicle systems, and embedded modem and cloud integration, among other relevant skills. 

My Preference for HR job positions

I would prefer the position of Power Conversion Devices Engineer. My preference stems from the fact that the position grants the role holder extensive latitude to determine the appropriate balance of the hard and soft skills required to put up a streamlined team; thus there is no restriction on the standards of achievement.

The position is also attractive since it entails brainstorming of new ideas in the field to drive the next-generation automotive technology. Besides equipping the candidate with the novel engineering concepts, the introduction of new automotive power perspectives in the position nurtures advanced analytical and critical thinking skills in the role holder. 

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