Uses of Technology – Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu

Technology has enabled firms to develop new and innovative products for the customers and has an edge over its competitors in the industry. The Internet has been the most efficient source for businesses and consequently for individuals to communicate their messages in lesser time and at a cheaper cost. Information or data needed for any purpose can be gathered conveniently in a short time. Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu are the websites that have been providing videos for their visitors for entertainment and simultaneously for many other fields. These applications can be downloaded on mobile phones making it more convenient to get access to it. It has enabled me to watch, movies, dramas, news, and many other videos in just one click. Videos can also be uploaded by the users on Youtube making it more interesting. Read the custom essay writing further to learn more about the topic.

The growth of Technologies

Users of technologies like Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix have been increasing rapidly, as they have content available from different sources for the convenience of their users. These websites use various technologies to provide their viewers with the content that they need. Different technology and protocols are used by them to improve the quality of videos and make users visit the website again. Netflix and Hulu are using adaptive streaming that has offered the users different quality levels of videos that they might use depending on their network conditions.

These technologies have increased competition for television broadcasting and have become a threat to them, as more people are switching towards using these technologies for watching videos since it has enabled them to watch movies and dramas and are also planning to broadcast their own new shows. Yet there are certain issues that have emerged recently causing a problem for these video providers, as they rely on internet service providers such as the cable system for distributing their videos.

They are also a source for businesses to advertise their products, however, it becomes annoying for the users to watch these advertisements frequently, and thus, Hulu has recently introduced ad swap the meaning of which can be understood by the word itself that is to switch the ad that is not interesting for the users and will not be charged by the companies.

With the availability of technology and rapid advancement, it has been convenient for users to get access to the information and data that they need. Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix have enabled these users to access videos for entertainment and knowledge. Videos can be uploaded by the users and they can watch videos and shows in one click. They are also in a continuous process of bringing improvements in the quality levels for their users.

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