United States Statistics

The United States of America has the highest rate of Healthcare Spending per person in the world. To put this into context, as of 2013, the national health per capita expenditures and the total national health expenditures were 17.4% of the GDP. Out of this percentage of GDP utilized for healthcare services, 32.1% were for hospital care, 5.3% for facilities of nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities, 20.1% for physician and clinical services, and 9.3% for prescription drugs. While the rate of increasing healthcare did slow over the first decade of this millennium it has seen a rise in recent years. read the custom essay writing further to learn more about the topic.

Healthcare Spending

The annual per capita spending on physicians in the US is more than that in most developed countries. Medicare and Medicaid rates imply much higher rates for specialist services than for primary care services. Another major reason is an alarming continual rise in administrative spending. Also, culprits are the overabundant use of medical facilities in general and the growing use of highly expensive biotechnology products.

Strategizing is crucial if this continual ascent of healthcare cost is to be stemmed. One of the best ways to do this is the use of effective wellness strategies, which can be as insignificant as healthier choices in vending machine foods to something on a much larger scale such as healthy lifestyle education. This would not only help with employee morale and performance but also serve to improve their overall health. Also, a good method is to put hospitals on budget. That being said, under no circumstances should it ever be acceptable to let the betterment of any patient’s health be compromised by the parsimonious spending of medical resources.

Another great way to deal with this problem is to reduce and eliminate waste as much as possible. This would entail ending the practice of overtreatment by keeping tabs for monitoring the progress of recuperation among the unwell and improvising accordingly, thus reducing the complexity of administrative systems and by tracking down and penalizing fraud in the strictest manner so that the money that is saved in this manner can be used where it is needed the most.

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