Sample Essay

All over the world nurses are charged with various duties. Not only do they provide medicine to the sick, take care of the elderly but they are also charged with the role of educating not only their patients but also the general public.As thus nurses do not only educate people on how to administer their dosage but they are also charged with the task of educating people on matters concerning healthcare administration.

There are times when reforms in the healthcare sector are not well understood by the public. Under such circumstances the nurses are supposed to educate patients on the developments. To take an example we can look at the issue of HIPAA (the health insurance portability and accountability act).

HIPAA was introduced in 1996 as one of the reforms introduced in the healthcare industry. The HIPAA act was supposed to be widely adopted not only by hospitals but also application service providers, software providers, and system integrators. The main areas of concern included security, privacy, unique identifiers as well as transaction standards.

On this field nurses were supposed to be well trained on the reforms suggested so that they would guide patients on the new terms and or requirements.

Nurses are therefore required to disseminate information regarding reforms in the healthcare industry to members of the public. This transfer of information can be private e.g. between the nurse and the patient or general e.g. through public seminars.

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