Sample Essay

Cultural diversity and richness constitute the wellbeing of every race irrespective of racial segregation and self esteem. Therefore, it is very hard to separate the two since ethnicity and culture are the basic foundation of self esteem and identity.

Cultural diversity and ethnicity in the work places have great influence as it pertains to diverse workforce in the hierarchy that constitutes the chain of command and communication in any company.

From the research personal objectives institute the actions one should take to combat low attitude towards ones culture. Each ethnic tribe has a role to play. This is because the cultural diversity constitute what that ethnic tribe can do best (Jean 1992). For example, African people can perform well even in the senior position so long as they have that belief of high self esteem. In terms of hard work, Africans are able to perform and their ability to resist direct sunlight they were able to do manual jobs in open and direct sunlight whereas the white cannot since they cannot resist direct radiation rays for long. This reflects the importance of special groups

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