Compare and Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay, students have to either compare (discuss about similarities) or contrast (discuss about dissimilarities) between two given topics. Students are given compare and contrast essay to write because this kind of essay gives them a chance to read about both aspects of two objects and use their intellect to find out similarities and differences between the objects. It is one of the interesting essays to write, however, it needs to be written logically and with proper justifications.

To write a compare and contrast essay here are a few guidelines:

Choose a topic in the area of your interest. Select two objects of similar category or classification. You cannot compare a car with a cake. Make sure your comparison is between two categorically similar objects.

Start your research and collect literature to read on the topic. Search through different print and electronic media and collect information regarding the similarities and dissimilarities of the topic.

After the information is collected, read it thoroughly. Highlight the points of relevance and give them a sequence according to preference.

Write the draft of the essay first. Start with the introduction of the topic. Give the brief intro of the objects you will describe in the essay. Develop a thesis statement which gives the idea to the reader of what kind of details you are going to present in your essay.

In the middle paragraphs a good approach to write a compare and contrast essay is to write in points. One way is to write the details about one object in one paragraph describing about its characteristics, then and write about the other object in the other paragraph and then in the third paragraph discuss the similarities and differences of both.

The other way is to discuss similarities and differences point to point of both the objects simultaneously. Then write the concluding paragraph summarizing the entire essay.

Read the draft because it is likely that you make changes in the essay after the first reading. Then write the final essay with proper citation following the instructions of the teacher.

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