Essay Barn- Role of Women: The Feminine Mystique – Book Review

In the past years, the role of women was restricted to staying at home as housewives looking after their children, cooking for their husbands, and being involved in other household chores. Women have been considered as weaker vessels than men and; hence, have not been granted an equal position in society. They were believed to be born to serve men. It is important for women to maintain a fit between their professional and personal life. She has all the right to enhance and build her career, but she has also been delegated the responsibility of proving to become a good wife and mother.

Betty Friedan was the feminine crusader who exploded into American conscientiousness through her work that is by writing her views about the role of women in her book ‘The Feminine Mystique. Her work ignited the contemporary women’s movement in the year 1963. Feminine Mystique can be defined as women are only assigned the role of being a mother, wife, and housewife and it stated that having a career is about going against the pre-ordained role of women.

Despite being educated and having all the potential and skills to work in the competitive world with men and prove themselves as capable as men, there are certain women that chose not to make and develop their career rather would sit back at home, and chose their occupation to be housewives. The work of Betty Friedan focused on the role of such women that they are able to portray. Women have a lot of potential and capability to have a successful career and they are in no way inferior to men. Friedan highlighted the problems and issues that are faced by women although they are economically secure and are also apparently living a comfortable life; she stated that these are the problems that have no name. Her research highlighted that although according to our culture women’s fulfillment lies in getting married and housewifery yet, women want more than just having a husband, children, and a home to live in.

After analyzing the work of Betty Friedan in her book The Feminine Mystique it can be concluded that the role of women is not restricted to serving their husbands and bringing up their children, being educated they have all the rights to develop a career of their interest and utilize their mental capacities.

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