International students are those who travel outside their country for the purpose of acquiring education. The number of international students is reported to be rising since the recent past. With the change in technology and educational requirements, there are certain kinds of courses which are offered only in some particular countries. Students go away from their homeland in order to get professional education and become competitive in the job market.

When students live in foreign countries for the purpose of education, they come across several issues of lifestyle, educational patterns, laws and regulations, adjustment in the new place for living etc. It has been observed that it sometimes takes years to adjust in the new environment and study attentively, where the educational requirements are entirely different.

Usually, the international students are unaware of the academic requirements of the foreign college or university, and initially, they face a lot of trouble in completing their reading and writing assignments given by the teachers. Time management plays a vital role in completion of the writing assignments, but when it comes to international students, they are found bounded in doing all the educational and personal work done by themselves alone, and therefore they hardly have time to give to writing assignments. Most of the international students also work some places. Managing job and education together and to keep up with passing the courses in the college or university is more like an impossible task.

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