Virtue Ethics Essay

Virtue Ethics Essay

Virtue Ethics Essay – Virtue ethics is relational to the moral character or virtue of the individual who performs any specific action, instead of the outcomes of specific actions, or the ethical rules and duties. It is mostly about the normative ethical theories that focus on virtues of character and mine.

What is Virtue Ethics?

The definition and nature of virtues and other relational issues are mostly discussed under the key topic of virtue ethics. Virtue ethics not only deals with the wrongness or rightness of individual actions. Moreover, it offers guidance about the behaviors and characteristics that a good individual must accomplish.

In this manner, virtue ethics is totally all about the life of an individual instead of any specific actions or episodes. A good individual is the one who prefers to live his/her life in a virtuous manner, eventually, the one who lives and possesses the virtues.

Moreover, virtue ethics is one of the most useful theories of all time as an assessment of the character of other people is mostly the keen interest of every other individual. Instead of being solely interested in the badness or goodness of a specific action performed by any other individual.

Virtue Ethics

This indeed provides significant recommendations about the methods that can help in creating a better society in which every individual helps another individual in becoming a good person. Instead of the usage or implementation of punishments and laws for deterring or preventing bad actions.

However, it would not be beneficial if an individual had to become a saint to be perceived as virtuous. Therefore, for virtue theory to be successful and useful it requires forward recommendations that highlight the minimum set of qualities that an individual must possess to be entitled as virtuous.

Being virtuous is more about having specific good acting habits, like kindness, generosity, etc. Instead, it means possessing a fundamental set of relational virtues that eventually will lead an individual to act and live a good and moral life.

Some of the cardinal virtues were forwarded from different societies and different times in history. For instance, temperance, bravery/fortitude, justice, and prudence. James F. Keenan the modern theologist also referred to prudence as the one who always considers self-care, fidelity, and justice.

One who always searches for opportunities for the accomplishment of different other virtues. Moreover, he referred to self-care as the unique responsibility of every other individual to care about him/herself spiritually, physically, mentally, and effectively.

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