Types of Writing Styles

What Are The Types of Writing Styles?

Different types of writing styles are communication tools used to convey ideas and thoughts in a way that is clear to the reader and has significance for them. Authors may connect with their target audiences in the best way possible by knowing these tactics and when to utilize them.

For instance, you would utilize a specific writing style if you were writing a commercial piece whose goal was to market and sell products. The same approach, however, will prove to be wholly worthless when writing a narrative story for a group of young children.

4 Types of Writing

There are four well-recognized writing styles in English:

Descriptive Writing- The aim of the descriptive style is to elicit a sense of immersion in the tale and events for the reader. Authors that use this style of writing frequently paint a vivid picture with metaphors and allegories in an effort to fully engross the reader.

Expository Writing – The expository writing style is most frequently used to respond to queries from users, clients, or readers. It introduces the reader to the topic, phenomenon, or subject, as the name implies. Expository writing does not accommodate the author’s viewpoint; facts and arguments should be clearly distinguished from the writer’s opinions and thoughts.

Narrative Writing- By creating a cohesive writing work with an opening, a middle section, and a conclusion, the narrative writing style advances the descriptive style. This form of writing has a plot that is well-defined and has a logical progression. The narrative essay format is popular in high school and college writing.

Persuasive Writing – This form of writing is employed to persuade the reader of something, typically from the viewpoint or perspective of the author. The goal of a writer who employs this writing style is to win the reader’s confidence and support.

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