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Although the Queen still wears the Crown and her privileges remain, she does not have administrative power for the day to day governance of the country. However, the Queen still has the privilege of the prime minister reporting to her, to forewarn and give advice when she thinks appropriate. The Prime Minister has the authority to disagree with or outright reject suggestion put up by Cabinet Members or even ministers, even though such suggestions might have merit and could be reasonably justified. The prime minister has the power to dismiss a cabinet minister or ask for his/her resignation, if they disagree for being in opposition to the Prime Minister’s scheme.

The Prime Minister who is usually also the head of the party exerts considerable influence in cabinet appointments and does his best to include as many members of his party in the cabinet Although the head of state has the power to implement checks and balances on the authority and powers of the prime minister, practically the head of the state is considered to be a little more than the figurehead with little responsibility or authority. In reality, it is the Prime Minister who dominates the government and makes all the important decisions about cabinet appointments and dismissals, appointments in the judiciary, appointments in the ministry of foreign affairs and appointments in treasury.

Despite obvious sweeping powers, the authority, and power of the Prime Minister of Britain are limited to what public opinion and Parliament will allow them to do. This happens because it is unusual for one party to command a complete majority and the prime minister had to depend upon his coalition partners who are usually from smaller parties, and the prime minister must oblige his/her coalition partners. The risk that the prime minister faces from a no-confidence motion usually keeps him/her very much in control while exercising his executive powers.

Most major decisions are made at the cabinet-level, irrespective of what an individual Member of Parliament may decide in committee meetings.  This affects the power of the committee which forces the office of the prime minister to reveal vital information. There have been rumors that the British Prime Minister has used his powers and his position is akin to the presidency. There is nothing new about reports as they have been circulated for the past three hundred years and therefore, should be considered with great responsibility and concern. The prime minister has always been the center of media concentration, which sometimes focuses on the personality of the Prime Minister.

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