Higher education and professional qualification requirements have increased since the recent past. The number of courses and credit hours have been increased so that the students become more competitive in the job market where competition is rising with pace in every industry. It now requires diversified knowledge of a human resource which can contribute to the growth of an organization, and if a person is incompetent by any means, he is left behind in this fast moving era.

Nowadays, there has been a requirement for every student to submit the term papers by the end of the term or semester. The term papers, which are sometimes called research papers, are a compulsory part of academic writing assignments which accounts for major part of the final grades. The reason for making term paper writing a compulsion is building practical knowledge in the students about the course. The students are assigned for term paper writing in which they have to select a topic related to the course, apply a research method to it, and come up with some innovative ideas or new strategies related to the study.

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