Academic plagiarism is caused when students copy material from various sources and present it as done by them while writing academic papers. This activity was increased in the past few years, but now, serious measures have been taken to reduce this activity to maximum.

In order to stop students from plagiarizing it is important to know why students plagiarize. After a detailed survey it was observed that there are two types of plagiarism; intentional and unintentional. We will discuss both types in detail now.

Intentional plagiarism:

When students intentionally copy large contents from various sources without citing them, and they tend to deceive the professor, they are termed to attempt intentional plagiarism. The reasons for why students plagiarize intentionally are found to be:

  • They lack sufficient time to complete their academic writing assignments
  • They are not confident about their writing ability, and because of that they fear to lose grades if they write on their own.
  • They believe that they can deceive the teachers by only rephrasing the content from the source and can save themselves from being caught for plagiarizing.
  • They are lazy and do not want to put efforts into academic writing.
  • They are under stress of achieving high grades; this stress may be caused by the family or may be caused because of the competition around the student.
  • They perceive that the outcome of plagiarizing is not severe, and they will not be punished as such for plagiarizing the content.

For any of the reasons above, students are found plagiarizing in the academic papers intentionally.

Unintentional plagiarism:

A large number of students are caught plagiarizing unintentionally. The students do not intend to deceive the evaluator; however, they are also unaware of the techniques to avoid plagiarism. Many students complain that the face the punishments for plagiarizing although they have given a lot of effort in academic paper writing. The causes of unintentional plagiarism are found to be:

  • Poor writing skills and educational background
  • Lack of knowledge about citation and writing requirements
  • Unfamiliarity with the language in which the academic paper is written
  • Lack of professional guidance

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