Solar Energy Essay

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy Essay – Solar energy, derived from the sun’s radiant light and heat, stands as one of the most promising and sustainable sources of renewable energy. In an era characterized by mounting concerns about climate change, environmental degradation, and finite fossil fuel resources, solar energy emerges as a clean, abundant, and economically viable alternative to conventional power sources.

Solar Energy Essay

Solar energy has been proven to be a good alternative to fossil fuels. Solar energy can be harnessed through the following means; firstly the use of photovoltaic cells can be used to produce solar energy, secondly, we can produce energy by concentrating solar power, powering satellites, etc solar energy can be used both on a small scale and large scale sector, especially in tropical regions. In these kinds of areas, solar energy has been seen to have the following advantages. Firstly the technology to produce solar energy is available.

Secondly, the source of the energy is free. In the third place while compared to hydroelectricity solar energy can be stored in cells. In the fourth place, solar energy can be produced both on a small scale and a large scale. Regardless of this solar energy has one main disadvantage.

The main disadvantage is that it cannot be utilized the world over. This is due to the fact that since it is dependent on the sun’s rays places like Alaska which does not have enough sunlight would not find this source of energy viable.

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