Research papers are the academic papers written by the students at college and university levels. These academic papers are written for the purpose to carry out research on a topic or a particular project and bring out some new ideas as a result of that research and survey. Research papers are required to be submitted by the students for each course they take because it helps to develop practical knowledge about the course.

It has been observed that students start to write their research paper at the eleventh hour. They waste their time in the beginning and at the end what the deadline arises, they submit a poor quality research paper with nothing new. Sometimes, the students plagiarized the research papers of past students and present them by making some changes. This cause them to lose grades, drop-out from the course, or at worse, expulsion from the college or university. A small mistake leads to a big punishment.

For writing a research paper it is suggested to start from the very beginning of the course. Students should select the topic for their research project and discuss with the teacher to assure the topic is correct and their study will not go in vain in the end.

After the selection of the topic, students should do the literature review which is one of the most important parts of research. At this step the students need to refer to different books, articles and websites to review the details and literature available on their topic, this will guide them for writing the research paper.

After the reading the next step is to adopt a methodology for doing the research. There are several books which give detailed description about which method to adopt for what kind of research. When the methodology is selected, the research should be carried out.

The research will certainly give some results. The results should be recorded and the rate of success should be measured as to what ration has the planned project been achieved in reality.

The whole process of research is then written in the form of research papers through which the instructor evaluates the performance and accuracy of the research done by the student and assign marks to it.

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