Research papers are a kind of academic papers which the students write at college and university level for the purpose of analysis and study on the topics of a course. It is the academic requirement for the students to submit the research papers before the final exams because research papers account for greater portion of the final grades.

Research papers are compulsory to write in every field of education. The core purpose served by research papers is the application of knowledge on the real world scenarios and obtaining results out of innovative ideas. Research paper writing is therefore a major task to be done by the students who aim to achieve professional qualification.

For research paper writing there are several methodologies described in different books and literature. Students are also instructed by their teachers for which method to adopt in order to carry a research on their selected topic. However, it is not only reading the techniques of methodology and applying them, rather, students need proper guidance on how to select a methodology, how carry out a survey, what kind of data to use, what type of literature to be referred and how to write the final research papers and in which format. The answer to these queries and many others could only be given by the teacher of the course, or a research professional who is well aware of the academic requirements of a particular course and who can assist students for research paper writing.

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