Research Paper on Diagnosis and Treatment For Arthritis

Diagnosis and Treatment For Arthritis

The objective of treatment for arthritis is to help the patients feel better, get rid of pain, decrease inflammation, and remain active because inactivity usually increases and makes worse the pain and swelling.

Treatment For Arthritis

The treatment for Arthritis involves changes in lifestyles, painkilling medicines, surgery, and regular visits to the doctor.  Doctors also advise sufferers on how to exercise and how to handle physical and emotional issues by building their confidence and assuring them that they can handle this crippling disease. People also use other alternative therapies to reduce the stress caused by this disease. Anyone suffering from this or any other disease will frequently try out local remedies.

Although local remedies may be beneficial, it is recommended to discuss it with your doctor before starting taking local remedies.  Arthritis affects millions of people usually between the ages of 40 and 50. Because these people are usually overweight, drink too much alcohol, and who frequently use pills to lower blood pressure or treat heart diseases.

Although it affects women mostly during menopause, it might affect younger women and even men if they have been taking certain medicines for an extended period of time or if they have genetic disorders or consume too much alcohol and eat too much greasy food.

Besides this, people who use medicines that increase urine output decrease their body’s ability to get rid of uric acid which increases the risk of developing gout.


People who take anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, medicines to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs, or medicines to treat high cholesterol usually develop Arthritis. Some people have extra uric acid in their blood but might not be suffering from gout; therefore the existence of Gouty Arthritis cannot be confirmed by a single blood test of uric acid levels in the blood. The best way to diagnose arthritis is from the fluid from an inflamed joint which is examined under a microscope for uric acid crystals.

Besides helping in confirming the person’s condition, extracting fluid from the inflamed joint also reduces the pressure on the joint thereby reducing the pain and swelling.

Sometimes the crystals in the blood might not be seen the first time they are examined but might be seen if a second test is conducted by extracting more fluid and then testing the fluid the extracted fluid during a recurring attack. Because arthritis is extremely painful, it is very important for the sufferer to get an accurate diagnosis.

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