A report is a document written on solid facts and data. It is usually written with an intention to keep the information in record. Reports are written in almost every field, by every individual, in every organization. As a necessary part of academic requirements, reports are written by the students on different topics at different academic levels in order to make them more analytical and judgmental about the facts and figures around them and present their opinions over it.

The core purpose served by report writing is:

  •   To find out the factual data and evidences about a topic
  •   Apply research and knowledge on the data and find out the pros and cons of it
  •   Make recommendations and/or give opinion about the issue
  •   Convey the idea of the report to a specific audience
  •   Keep a record of the information for future use

Report writing is essential to learn because it is applied to almost all fields. In business, reports are written to analyze the effectiveness of the use of resources and efficiency of performance of the company throughout a considered time. In medical field, reports are written after surveys to come up with innovative ideas and bring improvements in the health sciences. In media and arts it is used for the purpose of improvement of analytical capabilities of the artist.

Report writing is done by students at different academic levels from colleges to universities. However, it has been observed that students come along different kinds of issues when they write a report on a topic. Most of the times, the students are not informed about the format and style of an effective report writing, as a result of which, they come up with a below-standard written report which leaves a negative impact on the final grades.

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