A mixed research, including qualitative historical research, questionnaire based surveys and in-depth interviews, was also carried out. The research was employed for observing and analysing the marketing techniques that are used by the market leaders of the retail industry like Tesco, Wal-Mart, ASDA and for determining the basis if their success in the markets.

The target market characteristics as well as the implementation of the marketing initiatives by the companies has been observed The top performing retail giants of the world were analyzed through literature based qualitative research in terms of their branding, advertising, image building, positioning as well as market targeting and customer retention tactics. A selection of top 5 retailers was taken and their marketing programs were analyzed in terms of their effects on the business and its growth. The primary research for this dissertation is based on the interviews and survey based questionnaires that were put forward to the management of the UTC Plc Nigeria Company to gather information about their current marketing program in place and to determine the tactics that the competitors are employing in the market through cross reference questions.

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