Introduction and setting the context

Project management is the process that involves all the processes of managing, planning, organizing and directing to ensure that a specific program is successfully implemented (Lock 465). In most of the firms, the projects are those, which will help a firm, outdo its competitors and increase performance while decreasing costs. For the students, their projects will involve other activities like completion of term and dissertations.

Employee performance has been highly affected by the traditional methods of management in which employees are appraised by bias methods while so much command is used rather than motivating the employees to work harder. This has resulted to dissatisfaction of the employees, increased turnover rates, conflicts and riots due to a number of grievances. Many employees report to their work simply because they have dependants who depend on them and thus have to earn income to meet their needs. It should be noted that people report to their work but still searching for greener pastures and once they get an alternative, they do not even bother to present their resignation letters to the management. Although wage rate is one of the factors that are considered by people when are seeking for a job, it is not the only factor that ensures the employee is satisfied. Employees need to be considered valuable assets of the organization and thus be treated with kindness. The management team should always be looking for better ways to improve its relationship with the employees.

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