There are countless universities offering online degree programs. Many students are registered at various virtual universities and distant learning programs and are taking courses to complete degree programs of business fields. But why do students opt for online classes when physical universities are available?

There are a number of answers to it:

  • They are working
  • They do not have time to attend scheduled classes
  • They do not have a good university nearby; etc

Whatever the reason be, people who take online classes have to work entirely on their own. Certainly, it is not an easy job to take the online lectures and present the result as if the lecture has been taken by a teacher live at a physical university. Moreover, MBA is a degree which requires understanding of different major courses of business related to marketing, finance, information systems and management. It is not easy to develop complete understanding of courses related to each of the above without a professional guide. Even if the online classes are given by a professional, it is not just a lecture that leads to attaining a degree; it is much more than that.

For completing your MBA you have to do assignments and project reports in every course you take. Each of the courses comprises of theoretical reading, online assessments, research proposals and projects, and practical implementation of the course on that project. This could not be done alone. At physical universities, students have their instructors available to guide them for doing these academic assignments, but when it come to the students who take online classes, it wholly depends upon their alone efforts to do all the academic research and writing and submit it to the academic authorities.

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