The methodology of the dissertation is that of mixed methodology research with a qualitative design.  The research has been designed to comprise both secondary and primary sources of information. The secondary research uses the historical qualitative research approach. It is about the analysis of the researches conducted by others on the subject matter of successful marketing strategies being employed in the retail sector. The primary research mostly focuses on getting information about the operations and the marketing strategies that are being used by UTC Plc to determine the gaps and discrepancies among the strategies used by UTC Plc, and those of the successful market leaders in the retail sector.

The theoretical framework of the study, as provided in the first chapter, comprises of different concepts and principles of the marketing field that are interlinked to form the marketing strategies employed by the successful market leaders in the retail sector. The principles of marketing that have been taken into account as part of the theoretical framework for the dissertation include planning as a marketing function, relationship building, branding, and building awareness in the market. The concepts of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, competitive advantage and brand building are the main conceptual elements highlighted in the theoretical framework of the study. Establishing a position in the market is also part the marketing principles that form part of the theoretical framework for the study that is focused upon in the design of the research study.

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