Many students around the world are interested in building their career in medical field and become doctors, chemists and other medical associates. To enter into the field of medicine, they need to complete their pre-medical courses in which they come across courses from natural sciences and other relevant areas. Every course requires detailed reading, lab experiments and writing, and it usually is not essay to complete all the requirements for every course within the short durations of one semester.

Students who take medical courses write a lot of medicine essays in order to complete their courses with good grades. Every essay has to be written on e detailed lab research, or a topic from the course, or an entirely new idea related to the field. To write a medicine essay is a challenging job for pre-medical and medical students, and therefore they usually seek for guidance from the teachers.

It has been observed that the teachers do not give time to explaining the writing requirements to the students, and once a medicine essay has been assigned, the teachers leave every effort on the students not bothering to guide them for book reading, research tactics and writing techniques. Students, unaware of what has been required, usually bring average or below standard medicine essays and ultimately lose a greater part of their final grades.

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