Marketing is a vital part of business. Without marketing people, no business is able to build brand image or boost sales volume. The demand for marketers is rising rapidly with the growth in industrial competition. Many students choose marketing field for their career and take business education for majors in marketing courses.

The students who are going to be future marketers need to be very creative and highly intellectual. A company spends millions on building the brand image in order to survive in the market, but without the efforts of a good marketing team, all the financial and other resources become a waste. So those students, who take marketing courses, come across several difficult assignments in order to achieve a degree in marketing. The universities have now changed the methodology of educating students for business courses. Students are given more writing assignments to apply the knowledge on practical scenarios and come up with new ideas and strategies.

After a survey it was observed that the marketing students face a lot of trouble during their academic years. They are required to do lots of marketing essays which also count for final marks. Usually, the teachers assign the work to the students without giving time to further explanation about the requirements, and eventually, when the students bring low standard work in assignment they lose grades.

To overcome this situation students are found plagiarizing the content from different books, articles and websites. They complete their marketing essays by applying same old techniques of essay writing because of the fear of losing grades. But with this practice, again they are at the risk of being punished for plagiarizing the work of others.

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