Law essays are written by the students who take law courses. It is a very challenging task to write the law essays in a way that it is read entirely till the end. It is because the law essays have typical law language and vocabulary which is not easily understandable, moreover, the law essays are based usually on the cases related to any law, and therefore, it brings a complexity in the essay.

The writer of a law essay has to be proficient at writing skills. The aim of essays is to grab the attention of the reader and keep it firm till the end of the essay, however, many people find law essays boring and difficult to understand, and therefore, do not give time to reading it.

Problem arises when the law students are given writing assignments of law essays. The students themselves find it uninteresting to read the law cases and sections on them, and then write essay on a particular law or case. The students spend lot of time reading the material slowly and forcedly, and when they start to write the law essay, the interest is usually lost. This leads to a poor quality essay written and submitted and ultimately the grades assigned on the essays are lost.

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