Students who plan to become lawyers in profession take law studies in universities. Law courses are highly complex and difficult to understand. Law courses comprise of different laws of the land and some of the international laws. The criminal law, civil law, industrial law, law of tort, public relations law, constitution, and laws pertaining to regulatory authorities of the land are a few headings under which long lists of relevant laws exists. For every course, there are different coursework assigned to students which they complete for the practical understanding of the courses.

For most part of the law coursework, it is comprised of case studies. The reason for giving case study assignments to the students is to give them practical exposure to the real world cases so that they become judgmental and capable of solving complicated cases. A large number of books are recommended for reading along with the case readings for each law and each section pertaining to a law. Here, the students are aimed to use their analytical expertise to extract the evidences from the case and make decisions according to the relevant law, and then match their decision with that of the original one. This is how they come to know their level of learning and manage their pace accordingly.

But this education is not as easy as it looks like. Students, most of the times are stressed up when they do not understand the legal terminology of the laws and relevant cases. Even if they refer legal dictionaries, many a times they are not successful in finding the solutions. Then comes the time when they ask for guidance from a law professional.

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