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How can you define proofreading? It is the process of checking the essay paper after it has been completed. The essay paper needs to be checked for all kinds of mistakes.  When the student is writing the essay paper, he can make all kinds of mistakes. Students make grammatical mistakes, format related errors, layout mistakes and various other mistakes. These mistakes need to be corrected during the proofreading process.

Various kinds of grammatical mistakes are committed by students. They use the wrong tenses; use adjectives when they are not required, start the sentence incorrectly or use very long sentences. All these mistakes need to be rectified prior to submission.  How can you check these mistakes? How can you correct them before your advisor highlights them? The best method is to read each and everything properly. Read each chapter so that you can check all the mistakes.  Ensure that you have used the correct tenses in each paragraph. In addition to that, the layout of the paper should be according to the citation format approved by your advisor.

You can also use reliable freeware applications to check the grammar of your essay paper and proofread it comprehensively. Proofreading is the last task which the student needs to accomplish. This is the reason because of which students take it very lightly or omit it all together. This is not the right approach by any means. Proofreading carries very high importance. You should know that even if few commas are missed, your essay paper would look like junk material. Hence, if you want your essay paper to be rewarded, ensure that it is proofread. There are few tips which can help you in proofreading effectively.

You need to read your essay paper in a loud manner. In this way, you would not miss any mistakes. For instance, if you have not started the paragraph at the right place, you would figure this mistake out by reading aloud. Proofreading is a time consuming process and it should be done properly so that all the mistakes are identified properly.