Maintenance of integrity is mandatory in all walks of life. Academic integrity is referred to as a commitment that is crucially based on five key elements involving responsibility for your actions, respect, fairness, trust, and honesty. In my viewpoint, academic integrity is also one of the most intellectual and daunting challenges that can be faced by students in their academic work.

The academic integrity principles go way beyond the classroom limits. As, good academic students are the ones who are honest with their community, their roommates, their professors, and themselves. Pursuing any relevant scholarly activity in a responsible, honest, and open way is considered as academic integrity. In addition, personal integrity must be displayed by all students and property, rights, and dignity of other students must be respected by them. Moreover, they must aim in maintaining and creating such an atmosphere in which each student can acquire success from their efforts.

A huge number of academic assignments may require to be completed by students, as a significant part of their academic learning experience. These assessments are eventually formulated so that students can acquire a deeper understanding of their subject and increase their learning. Successful completion of assignments displays how well the student has understood the relevant subject. However, these assessment tasks or assignments will differentiate from different subject to another and can cover different aspects, for instance, presentation of cogent and coherent arguments, reporting on experimental data, or problem-solving. Above all, students are required to gather and read information from a different number of resources in producing an excellent assignment. These resources can involve materials from the Internet, newspapers, official reports, journals, and books.

Moreover, it is significant to refer to the laws of academic integrity since academic dishonesty can be avoided by each student involving illegal material and cheating in the tests or using your own individual work without proper recognition. For instance, plagiarism, cooperation profanity, making up of information sources or submitting a similar paper by a student for different classes. Whereas, at the other end, universities are violated by academic dishonesty quite often. For instance, for all students the value of the degree is reduced, the trust between the students and the professors is violated, and the individual learning of the criminal is eroded. Moreover, it is not fair to those students who prefer to perform their own work. Last but not least, a significant role is also played by academic integrity in future professional lives of students. If they do not support shoddy work, cheating, or plagiarism work now only then they will be able to maintain integrity throughout every phase of their life.