In all kinds of essays, expository essays are the ones which students are given most of the times to write on different topics in different courses. The reason for that is that an expository essay is one in which the writer has to explain or expose about the topic without giving any personal opinion. This explanation could be better given when the writer himself/herself knows about the topic in detail.

To make the students understand about a topic in a course, the teachers give them assignments to write expository essay on it. This way the students study about the topic in detail and explain it in the essay. For writing an expository essay efficiently, here are a few tips:

If you are given the topic then fine, otherwise, if you are at the liberty to choose a topic yourself, select the one in which you have interest. The topic should be a specific one so that it becomes easier for you to elaborate and give details.

Read about the topic in detail. If necessary, search for some more information in different books, articles and websites. Write the information on a notebook so that you do not lose any piece of information.

After the study, start writing the essay. Begin with the introduction about the topic, give a brief background of it and develop a thesis statement which describes your purpose of the essay.

In the main body write the details about the topic. Remember, your aim is to explain the original facts about the topic or the opinions given by others on it, avoid giving your personal opinion or recommendation.

Use evidences that are reliable, accurate and to the point. Avoid wordy statements and be specific about the topic. In the conclusion, write the summary in a few lines and close with a rephrased thesis statement.

After writing the draft you should read it a few times to become assured that it is free of any vocabulary, spelling or punctuation error. Then write the final essay with proper citation and read it once.

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