Sample Essay

Zonick who is a great political philosopher argues that side constraints on the issue of human rights imply that people are not just means, instruments to be utilized by other people even where the reasons seem valuable. Side constraints give individuals a rank of inviolability implying that rights are also inviolable. On the other hand, when rights are viewed as goals an individual may have a right to something but these does not mean that the rights will necessarily be observed or respected.

This implies individual rights can be infringed for purposes of reducing violations in general. In the goal system, any individual rights can be violated. In addition, the ranking of individuals rights as being inviolable in the side constraints creates benefits to the concerned while viewing of rights as goals gives an individual the rank of unignorability implying an individual cannot ignore another person’s infringement of rights even in cases where the only means to avoid the infringement was through violation of a minor individual’s rights.

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