There is an increase in the society of number of youths who have got access to weapons such as guns. These youths acquire these weapons because of the fascination they have about them and also in order to look more “cool” in the eyes of their peers. Acquisition of such weapons is one of the causes of youth violence. The society is to blame for this. Children are not just the responsibility of the parents, but the responsibility of the society as a whole. It is the duty of the members of the public to take stern action against people providing these youth with such weapons. However, the tendency of the society is that if one has not been affected by the violence, it does not concern him or her (Schwartz, 2005).

we learn of the common interest that the English, French and Indians had in the Ohio River valley (Public Broadcasting Service). The French fought for the territory they claimed to be theirs. Their motivation came from the fact that winning the war meant that they would control some of the most productive trade routes in North America. The French contributed to the ousting of the Spanish colonial power from America. Colonies were established as early as 1550s in North America. Gradually, a rapport was established between France and the Indian Americans who were the natives of America at that time

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