Essay writing is an important academic activity. It is a tool for assessing the writing ability of students. By doing essay writing, students not only develop writing tactics, but also improve their observation and analytical expertise. But essay writing is not an easy job. It needs a lot of practice and study for writing essay efficiently keeping the requirements in view.

For doing essay writing you have to keep time management and word count in mind. Every essay is written after a proper planning, research and study. Your essay could be of any type. Descriptive, narrative, expository, argumentative, analytical or any essay type you are assigned to write, it has to be filled with a healthy content in it. To help you in completing your essay writing task, here are a few guiding principles to follow:

Select a topic of your choice. A topic of your interest will keep you focused in it till the end. Make sure the topic in not a general one. The more specific it is, the more easily you can elaborate it in your own words.

Start a research on the topic. Read through different books in the library, or through websites. Collect the information on a piece of paper. It is suggested to keep a physical record of each of the information you gather, because it may happen that you miss any important point while writing the essay.

Make a rough draft of the essay. It can also be called an outline. Decide for which points to include and in what priority.

Write the essay in the format and citation instructed by the teacher. Number of words matter a lot, therefore, keep your explanations precise and to the point. Avoid any wordy statements or vague information.

Revise the essay at least twice to check for any errors. You will certainly so some editing in your first reading.

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