Sample Essay

Thus I feel that there are many occassions where women are being treated as commerical bondages and are categorized as the silent majority, watching but not participating but this is more a result of word-play and frenzy to sell their products. Given the amount of market research that is carried out, there is no question about the fact that the marketers know their consumers and that they also know what their weak points are from which they can formulate a selling startegy. For instance seller know that their consumers are very insecure about their looks and there are rarely any women out there who are completely happy with their appearance.

That is the reason why a lot of these ads focus on women and how their products can make their appearance more appealing to males. The male factor too is a result of careful deliberation as females, genetically are more oriented towards relationships and in their search for meaningful lifetime relationships advertisers have found their selling perspectives. However, if advertisers were so manipulative, all  their ads would be succusseful and all the products that covertly undermine women would be raging successes. But this is not the case as many products still fail despite their being all these  messages being conveyed. This is not to say that the message doesn’t register if the product doesn’t sell, but the impact might not be as large when consumers are not influenced enough to buy the product. Which also goes to say that the ad is simply not convincing enough. (Kirk, 2010)

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