Sample Essay

There are several related factors of labor market women participation which are directly related with each other in the most complex manner like education, preferences, attitudes, fertility and economic growth. According to the present study and available data, there is about 20% difference between labor market participation of women with higher education and women with merely secondary education. It means there are more attractive salary packages for women with higher education in the labor market. It is also observed that higher education levels are also related with lower rate of fertility among working women which play vital role in enhancing the labor market participation of women rates.

If women have no kids, they have more opportunities in contributing in labor market around 70% while women with one or two kids have average rate of participation in labor market around 40 %. There is a relation between women participation and family members, women martial status, family economical conditions how women contribute to do some jobs according to their own specific preferences. Hence we conclude, there is close affinity between schooling and labor market participation of women. In current decades, there are better job options and salary packages which are the main factors to contribute more interestingly than before. There are some restrictions upon the married women to do some jobs in the private sectors as it seems to discourage the labor market participation of women. As in the private sectors, long working hours are inappropriate for the mothers who have to give time to their family as well.

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