Sample Essay

In many nationalist movements across the globe women have played important roles to the achievement of independence or self-rule. The roles played by women varied from one region or state to another. InAlgeria, women played different roles in the struggle for independence. Among these roles includes the ones discussed below. In many revolutionary struggles or in fighting for independence the role of women is very paramount. Women are usually viewed as being the weaker sex in society.

In the case of Algeria and many other countries that were under colonialism women’s role in the fight against colonialism was very important. In the case ofAlgeriawomen played various roles to help the Revolutionalists fight the French colonizers. Among the main roles they played was that of supplying arms to the fighters. Since women were thought to be of no threat they were able to pass through various points manned by the French and supply arms to the fighters. In addition the women acted as a means of information dissemination to the fighters.

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