Sample Essay

Overview of wireless technologies and security Overview the current wireless technologies and describe the potential benefits they offer to the business. In particular, highlight specific threats and vulnerabilities that these technologies bring with them.

Wireless communication technology is a branch of telecommunications. Wireless communication thus deals with the transfer of information from one location to another without the use of wires or electrical conductors as they are commonly referred to as in telecommunications[1]. Wireless operations or technology allow for the transmission of frequencies from one part to another through base Tran receiver station. This reduces the bulkiness and the cumbersome method of wire transfer. It’s impractical to use wires or it is not conducive to use wires because the cost of maintenance and installation is very high for the copper coated cables.  Wireless communication may cover both short and long distances depending on the devices being used irrespective of the terrain. In terms of short distances a good example may be given as a television remote technology. On the other hand the long distance wireless technology may include radio communication. Wireless communication involves both fixed and mobile gadgets. These gadgets may include portable two-way radios, wireless networking, personal digital assistants as well as mobile or cell phones and global positioning system units.


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