Sample Essay

It is advisable to note that not all forms of work can be considered as child labor. Thus where the work is not for too long and the conditions are considered light for the child’s age and the objective correct though this varies from individual countries. But in essence activities that encourage growth and participation as well as promoting the child’s ways of relationships is considered essential.

Child labor is a problem existing throughout the world. According to 2002 world estimates it was estimated that over 246 children between ages of 5 – 15 years are working throughout the world. This according to the report is occasioned by high poverty levels HIV/aids and deepening economic crisis. On average, 70% child laborers work within the agricultural sector. InIndiathe rates are much higher with over 80% working in the agricultural sector. Though prohibited by the international labor organizations these workers are engaged in commercial sex, debt bondage and recruitment into armed forces. These are deemed hazardous and prohibition by international agreements including International Labor Organization convention 182, concerning eradicating the worst forms of child labor. Due to poverty inIndiaan estimated over 15 million children are used in debt bondage. In as survey conducted inIndia’s children most children surveyed were earning eighteen rupees after working for 12 hour day.

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