Sample Essay

The argument of a web traffic plan further includes web personalization i.e. how interactive a website is? Personalization is very important from users’ point of view. They want all their past and present information available when they want. There are many examples that have excelled into a personalized world wide web by applying few basic techniques. Websites have seen a robust growth in the rate of users’ exposure to web.

Responding this tremendous growth is however not very easy for many big companies that are directly dealing into e-commerce. According to a study, users’ preferences can be measured through a personalized web design. There are pages that get popular overnight and last for only few short term intervals. The study used two personalized web technique to deal with the robust nature of users’ visits. One is called Splay tree and the other is called Binary heaps (Sakkopoulos 2010). Similarly, in another study it is found that behavior based tiles throughout the site present personalized content. This personalized system enables user to access the information regarding his past and present visits at a website and property (Doyle 2009). MarketNet must offer a personalized web page which is rarely present in group pages other than clicking on ‘older posts’ button which is far too inconvenient to access past data.

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