Sample Essay

The major weakness is the quality of the services offered in the LSI institutions. Learning of languages for students in advanced ages is always challenging. At times it requires a tutor who also has psychological skills to teach the older students since they take time before they grasp the content (Vicky, 1994). Some of the older students want personalized training while and they are serious critics of the curriculum offered in the schools.

For the fast learners, repetition of a language to them sounds boring while it is essential so to ensure that all the students understand. The use of pictures is more advantageous to visual learners compared to Linguaphones and Rocket courses that deal with listening, understanding and speaking. Fast learners do not need these learning tools and they consider the classes boring. Competing schools like the Rosetta stone, the Concordia and the wits language schools might have tutors who are more experienced and much better in handling older students in some languages (Stephene, 1975).

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