Sample Essay

War of religions has been in existent for a very long time now. Since the middle ages intense wars between different religions have taken place. During this time the church or faith was more superior to that of the state. Even in modern times, when the state is supreme to the church, war between different faiths is still evident. In the world today war between Christians and Muslims is clearly evident especially with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. In addition to this the major difference between Israelis and Palestinians is their different religions. The main reason for the existence of wars between religions is hard to understand given the fact that all religions concentrate on preaching peace and brotherhood.

The age of reformation was an age when there was an extensive division within the church. The age of reformation started in Germany as a result of a lack of understanding within the church. There was soon to be an escalation of religious wars throughout continental Europe. The protestant reformation that was as a result of leaders within the church criticizing, the doctrines, writings as well as the truth of the bible, was soon countered by the catholic reformation. In addition to this, the medieval mentality existing within the time concerning or associating the church with political issues also led to an escalation of atrocities within continental Europe.

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