Sample Essay

By the fact that the wikipedia is open edited there has been instances where deceiving information has been posted with the intention of misleading the readers which has led to many academic institutions disregarding the wikipedia as a reference tool.

A good example is where if you  search the word  “emysphilia” from Google you will get it defined as a sexual fetish where the practitioner gets sexual arousal from visual and tactile stimuli relating to turtles and tortoises.” which was edited by Jon Beham and featured his suitemates and meaning the Greek word for turtle.

Though removed from wikipedia it is still evident in other research sites. This has led to a number of academic institutions refusing to acknowledge Wikipedia as a research site for students. Yale was one such institution where Michael Gasper a professor of history vehemently refused the use of wikipedia by students in his class(Rosenzweig, 2005).

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