Sample Essay

Jeffrey was later employed at D.E.Shaw firm which was mainly concentrating in the usage of computer science to the stock market. The employment of Jeff was mainly done because of his skills and talent in the application of the computers. While at Shaw, Jeff got married to Mackenzie who was also a graduate of university of Princeton. At Shaw his career grew faster symbolized by his promotion to the senior vice president of the company. More so, his entrepreneurial skills became more pronounced and evident due to his contribution to the company’s success and improved performance.

Jeffrey ambitions of developing a company that would products on the internet arose from his observations that internet was being used more frequently at the time and saw a chance for a new kind of commerce which would entirely rely on the usage of the internet to market products. He thought of books as there were no broad and reliable information concerning them existed yet this information could be simplified and shortened to avoid accumulating a large space. To make his dreams come true, he had to research more on these products. This was followed by his travel to Los Angeles to attend the booksellers’ conference where he learnt that the wholesalers had previously developed an electronic list of their books.

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