Sample Essay

Despite the US war superiority, these insurgents were advantaged by the fact that their methods were unknown to the US forces. Moreover, the lack of information regarding the religious life and the social structure in Iraq made it hard for the US to combat the insurgents (Ahmed, Nov 2004). The insurgency in Iraq has continued over the years, but at much lesser scale with the USA congress giving declarations that the American forces be withdrawn from Iraq.

Besides, even president Obama’s directive to move troops out of Iraq was being effected, fifth nine men who had queued to join the security force in Baghdad were killed, days after calls from Iraq chief of staff to have the US forces remain in Iraq up to 2020 (Arabtimes, 2010). However, President Obama has still maintained his decision to have the US forces depart Iraq by 2011 after having trained and promoted the Iraq forces (Arabtimes, 2010).

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