Sample Essay

In the field of public administration there are many issues that are usually covered as we have seen above. In this paper I will seek to look at a situation that affects an urban student learning environment. Urban planning or redevelopment encompasses or integrates different acts or actions (Adam, 1994). It may involve planning for transportation and the use of physical land with the intention of improving the already built social and economic environments that surround different communities or societies. It sometimes involve the renewal of already existing urban centers. In any urban planning or redevelopment project the following factors have to be paramount in order to ensure that our urban centers retain their glamor. These factors are:

 Sustainable development and sustainability

There is a wide range of agreement among academics and scholars that modern lifestyles that people have adopted use a lot of our natural resources. At this rate the destruction and or depletion of these natural resources are apparent. As a result there is need to put in mind issues of sustainability and sustainable development in order to make sure that our natural resources can be renewed at their natural rate of replacement. In addition we can also make sure that we use less of non-renewable resources to ensure that the resources will be available to future generations. In addition our current lifestyles allow for widespread social inequalities, creation of urban heat islands, destruction and pollution of our ecosystems as well as leading to global warming and climatic changes (Snyder, 1988).

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