Sample Essay

By the time of the enactment of this legislation many urban centers of N. America and Europe experienced urban decay. Urban decay is a process through which cities or sections of cities fall in to a state of neglect and disrepair. As a result of this the city experiences depopulation, high unemployment, increase of crime, property abandonment as well as economic restructuring.  Among the factors leading to this include; changes in demographics and global economies (Skifter, 2003). To cub this trend, legislation becomes vital as the decline of cities leads to other undesirable results.

Over the years the California environmental quality act has come to be one of the best environmental protection legislations in the United States. As a result many states have followed suite and designed their own laws that are close to if not similar to those of California. Building of sustainable cities require that the government through public administration undertakes an active role in ensuring that the rules are followed. Leaving development entirely to the private sector even though it is the main driver of development is not an option. Workable legislation still needs to be undertaken so that urban areas can experience sustainable growth.

In conclusion therefore, public administration plays a very important role in the regulation of the public sector. The Californian authorities got involved with ensuring that there was legislation that could help in making of sustainable cities and that the effects of pollution in its various forms was kept at manageable levels. There are a lot of issues that directly affects students living in California and these include but are not limited to anoxic water, climatic change, pollution, energy, environmental degradation, urban aesthetics, waste, to mention but a few. They demonstrated that authorities have a major role to play and that when authorities take a lead, citizens eventually accept the laws and act accordingly.

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