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“The kids don’t want to wear (the shirts) so they adhere to the dress code,” Green said.

Green said the issue of school uniforms should probably be decided by individual counties.

Washington County School Board President Wayne D. Ridenour agreed, and said that right now he sees no need for uniforms to be required locally.

“In my opinion, it’s unnecessary,” Ridenour said. “There’s no real need for it. It’s not something we wouldn’t consider. I’m just not sure this is a battle I want to fight right now.”

Washington County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education Donna Hanlin said she did not know enough about the bill regarding uniforms to discuss it.

Green said he also worried about how parents and schools would pay for uniforms if state lawmakers require students to wear them.

Del. Marvin E. Holmes Jr., D-Prince George’s, who sponsored the bill to require uniforms, said Tuesday that the bill’s language is a bit ambiguous, but he would amend it to clarify that his intent was to require school uniforms statewide.

He said parents would be required to pay for the uniforms under his plan, and families who cannot afford it could receive assistance from the schools.

Holmes said local teachers asked him for the bill, saying uniforms would eliminate some distractions for students.

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