Sample Essay

On the issue of understanding religion when reporting the media seems to rely heavily on the interviews to analyze and describe religion stand on various issues. For instance on the issue of sexual abuse, they interviewed the executive director of catholic bishops on child abuse to understand why the move by the church was possible as well as avoid making conclusions that may be unfounded. Therefore, I can conclude that media seems not well conversant with various religious ethics and values hence they usually have to consult with the relevant informed authorities.

On the other hand, the media seems to report the religious issues that form a greater impact to the outside world as well as requires church intervention as it conflicts with the church traditions and faith. However, the religious news concerning daily services and operation s are rarely reported or even appear on editorial opinions. Hence, the media is elongated towards the major issues that affect religion fraternity and how the religious denominations address and respond to these issues to ensure that church remain united and no member is affected. Due to this media position I feel that it is biased in a way because they mostly report the news that affect religion and those that cause controversies and compromises. They rarely write on how the religion helps people or even shapes people behavior rather they focus on headline making news in order to sell more papers or journals. This news seem to reveal how the religion has been challenged and how its traditions to be turning around to affect their operation.

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