Sample Essay

Research mainly falls under two distinct types. These are qualitative research and quantitative research (Trochim 2006). Regardless of the research type, the aspects of research for the two types are the same. The main aspects of any research are:

  • Topic formulation
  • Definition of the hypothesis
  • Definition of purpose and objectives of research
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Revision of hypothesis and or conclusion.

Among these the three most important aspects or features of any research are the topic formulation, data collection and the results/revision of hypothesis/conclusion. The three of them have equal weights. The formulation of the research topic comes first since it introduces what is going to be researched. It is important since it indirectly dictates on research methods as well as mode of data analysis. It will also introduce the reader to the type of research being carried out.

Data collection is equally very important. The main aim of any research is to increase our knowledge on the research topic mentioned or introduced. Because of this, data collection is paramount since without collecting data then we will definitely have no research In the first place.  Methods of data collection will vary with the kind of research being carried out.

The third most important aspect is the results. In this section, we evaluate how well the hypothesis is supported by scientific testing as well, as how well the hypothesis introduced can be used to predict phenomena. A hypothesis can never be tested or proven but in this section, we usually view the hypothesis in terms of its usefulness in future predictions.

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